Saturday, June 25, 2011


suddenly think back last year. bon odori.
i think already one year past.
time past so fast without any notice.
anyhow. i am still doing great. my bf still always the same. treat me the best.
lesson always become lesson. it wont be forever but it take few month to make you grown up.
he still de same. never leave me alone. never pull me down.
we did faced so many problems. but we still can handle it. love did exist for 3 years.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Simple Update for Lovely Weekend

dinner before going out!
 great weekend for this week =)
at first, i go out every night, although no club for me. but i'm enjoyed it so muchie <3
LESLIE : see the spec? *if you did read my blog =)

damn jam. so what to do?

capture 1 =)

capture 2 =)

capture 3 =)

capture 4 =)

still looks great. hahahahah
 sunday morning =) *should be sunday afternoon, woke up late. i'm over tired. *used all of my energy </3
before lunch =)

after lunch <3

anyhow. i love him more than word
 how he bullied me with his word. i still love him (oppps. i upside down the story)
love you with my whole heart <3
for me. i dont like to say how much i love him when in front of him. because he will show off and LCLY!! what to do? but he really love me and do whatever thing just to cheer my day up. although he busy , tired or never sleep. he can accompany me whole day without saying one word.
but he did bully me sometimes!!!! i hate him sometimes also!! but that's life =)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Simple Update

outfit for that day =)
tk's birthday celebration :

having dinner then went to library for celebration *i still cant find my cable. so will update again for next time =(
i love him <3

my darling <3

she's so drunk =)

as usual. every weekend having dinner with my lovely bie <3

went to hill there for coffee bean <3

capture capture and capture

<3 him

going out soon <3

our couple hair colour

i love him <3

Monday, June 6, 2011

no Friend but got BF + Family

day by day.
i just feel lazy when see people good in front you talk bad behind you. that's so ****
but luckily. day by day, my bf and family never let me down.
they chill me up with few things
1) money - can buy anything i want. spend la. (other meaning)
2) mahjong - every weekend mahjong i feel more fresh after it <3
3) eat, play and sleep
early morning wake up then see my bie and family there for me and go out for brunch then shopping then mahjong then tea time then mahjong then dinner. no time rite?
call me lan dou po !! XD

love exits everywhere <3